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Hello! My name is Cory Mann - or Gutchquena.

I'm an Alaska Native, born in Juneau. I started selling driftwood when I was four years old while being raised by my great-grandmother, Lilly Nigh, in Haines, Alaska. She was an Eagle Thunderbird Chilkoot Alaska Native. When I became interested in Tlingit art design, my grandmother said to me it had to be traditional... or else!

I have worked extensively with my family to create these traditional designs on a variety of clothing and gift items for you to enjoy. My mission is to inspire and educate people about my culture so that it will inspire others to enjoy and explore their own. 

meet the founder

If you're interested in learning more about the Tlingit culture or history of southeast Alaska, my documentary film, Smokin' Fish, is a humorous but thought-provoking movie about my life growing up as a Native American Indian in Alaska. You will also see in the film how our beautiful scarves are produced.

Click below to watch the official Smokin' Fish movie trailer: